The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


Sustainable Habitat On Martian Environment

Main Features

S.HOME is a permanent settlement habitat in Mars which has indigenous design and interdependent green ecosystem. 


  • 99.99% of the water is recycled.
  • S.HOME has the capacity to extract water from Polar ice caps. 


  • Every molecule of air is recycled.
  • Atmosphere is maintained at a constant pressure equal to that of the Earth.


  • Harvesting Martian solar energy for three of seven habs.
  • Thorium Salt based reactors for green energy.

Green House

  • Generates food for six astronauts for 600 days with additional 300 emergency days.
  • Algae culture provides the necessary proteins.


  • Seven independent modules for housing and research.
  • One emergency module with fully functional environment.


  • Designed for region around the Martian Equator.
  • Flat grounds and nearby craters for further research.


All the design were done in Google Sketchup 3D

Dr. Afshin Khan

Dr. Afshin Khan

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, USA

Vigneshwaran Krishnamurthy

Vigneshwaran Krishnamurthy

Oklahoma State University, USA

Tara Vega

Tara Vega

Oakland University, USA

Jonathan Duarte

Jonathan Duarte

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil