The Stargazing Engineer

Below is a pure bliss on the life of a stargazing engineer by my dear friend who too was inspired like me to pursue astronomy.


She looked at her milling machine
It was cutting out her prototype
She couldn’t be less interested – than,
A boring sack of organ pipe.

She looked around the apparatus
At all the accumulating debris
It didn’t look pretty – when suddenly,
She saw the Universe for free.

Her eyes perceived the Virgo
Rather than a pile of trash
It was no longer insipid – for,
She saw a constellation of potash.

This wasn’t the first time
Her machinery made her smile
Her curiosity and passion – always
Made her mentally tensile.

She can’t help relating Pulsars
When she learns about Torsion
Not to mention the craze – linking Girder
To the Binary system forschen.

She always found joy in it
Using her Stud and screw
To imagine the Sun’s path – our path
In Milky Way and through.

Maybe it’s not strange to relate
The faux and the natural
But the cosmos – it’s not mundane
It is eternally surnaturel.

She asked herself, “Why tellurian?”
Feeling like a pest around a lime
“Why – when I crave the beyond?”
Again, for the umpteenth time.

Then she remembered why…
Because we live in a world
Which has expectations – failing which
Attracts all kinds of herald.

She saw her machine finish its work
Hopelessly wishing she could go far
As she was an Engineer – who
Fell in love with the stars.

– Yashmitha Kumaran

Being an Aerospace Engineer, Yashmitha managed to find her true love in astronomy. She is currently researching on cosmology in London. She spends her nighttime with telescopes and daytime dreaming about the nighttime. She is also a passionate chess player and could play all the musical instruments you could think of. Ask her about the favorite character in Harry Potter and she will not stop until the end of day.